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Get the best moments of the 2019 Rent show

Brennin Hunt thanks the Rent cast for support after his foot injury

Hunt was supposed to be playing Roger in the Pulitzer prize-winning musical rent but broke his foot during a Saturday rehearsal right before the live show.

Breaking my foot last night was not fun but it’s been great being back on set with everybody. I love these people so much. They’ve showered me with love and kindness which the essence of this musical. I am truly honored and blessed to be part of this rent family”.

Last minute production decisions were made and producers decided to air portions of the program pre-recorded. The show was recorded in the television studio in Los Angeles as video screens aired the broadcast version. Fox’s production of Rent — directed by the musical’s original Broadway director Michael Grief (stage direction) and Alex Rudzinski (TV direction) — was produced by Larson’s estate alongside Mark Platt. 

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